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Ella Art website is for local artist Ella Hendy.  Features  include:

  • Social media sharing
  • Live twitter feed
  • An articles blog,
  • A gallery
  • A shop that sells bags, prints and cards.
Ella Art
capture of ella arts portfolio page showing cute paintings

"As an artist I am often asked what my website address is and I think it is important to have that web presence - it looks professional too.  It also means that it is easy to find me on the web outside of social media.  Sally gave me some great advice very early on about how to help build my Google ranking.  It has worked, and I often see through the site statistics that people have found me via a search engine.  The customer feedback to my website has been fantastic too - it is easy to navigate around, does what it is supposed to do, and looks fantastic on computer or mobile.  I love my website.  "

- Ella Hendy

a girl receives first aid on website hompage
detailed capture of website for portfolio page

First Aid Bushey website is for Danny Phillips' first aid training business.  The site has many features including an image slider, social sharing, a contact form and a one item shop.


"Having this website has opened up opportunities for my business.  It has increased my credibility when I meet new clients who then went on to book my courses.  Working with Sally was really easy and fast.  I also got good value for money."

- Danny Phillips

blog created by Banbury web design

The Reluctant Usher is a blog built for someone who is suffering from Usher's Syndrome who needed to connect with others and vent their feelings and frustrations!


"Having this blog gives me a sense of freedom, the ability to connect with others.  I had a couple of lessons with Sally and I now find the site easy to edit."

- Red Mist

homepage of 50 great resources website
screen capture of 50 great resources

50 Great Resources is a website designed to aid small businesses in finding the hidden online gems that could help their business run more smoothly.


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Twinkle Stars website is brightly coloured to match it's branding.  It features an image slider, custom button menu and stars, product table, contact form.  It has really good testimonials and links to a brilliant Facebook page.